Aerodynamics of Bodies of Revolution

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Previous article. Vishal A. Nonlinear Aeroballistics. John E. Missile and spacecraft coning instabilities.

Handbook of Supersonic Aerodynamics. Section 8. Bodies of Revolution - Google книги

Applications of computational fluid dynamics to the aerodynamics of army projectiles. Walter B. Another look at high-alpha support interference in rotary tests.

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Nonplanar effects on pitch-plane dynamics. Dynamic support interference in high-alpha testing.

Aerodynamics of Bodies of Revolution

Dynamics of forebody flow separation and associated vortices. Personal Sign In. For IEEE to continue sending you helpful information on our products and services, please consent to our updated Privacy Policy.

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Access provided by: anon Sign Out. The aerodynamics of axisymmetric blunt bodies flying at angle of attack Abstract: The Mars Science Laboratory entry capsule is used as an example to demonstrate how a blunt body of revolution must be treated as asymmetric in some respects when flying at a non-zero trim angle of attack.

follow url A brief description of the axisymmetric moment equations are provided before solving a system of equations describing the lateral-directional moment equations for a blunt body trimming at an angle of attack. Simplifying assumptions are made which allow the solution to the equations to be rearranged to relate the roll and yaw stability with sideslip angle to the frequency of oscillation of the vehicle body rates.

The equations show that for a blunt body the roll and yaw rates are in phase and proportional to each other. The ratio of the rates is determined by the static stability coefficients and mass properties about those axes. A trajectory simulation is used to validate the static yaw stability parameter identification equation and a simple method of identifying the oscillation frequency from the body rates.