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It was a great opportunity. He was a smart-alecky kid who sassed his parents.

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And it worked on that show. They were getting laughs. So, they tried that with Opie, too. Shortly after that, we broke for lunch. And I think it really helped the show. But Andy listened. I remember one time I overheard a conversation. Andy was opposed to it. Sheldon was very pro Andy getting married. I loved Andy Griffith.

We were friends. He had a great sense of humor. He was such a lovable guy. Because he made such good sense. I think once or twice Sheldon Leonard likened him to Will Rogers. He was just the greatest. Having worked together in The Lost Colony for such a long time and knowing each other through the years, this is a very sad time. He was such an important part of the Outer Banks community—still is. And will remain so. He was very close to my heart. Along with R.

Bob Armstrong and others, we worked together for several years. I already miss him very much. Richard O. I formed the team. I had really good contacts in New York. Andy and I were like brothers in those days. Everything we touched turned to gold for a lot of years. I was forever grateful. He was a fine actor, a funny comedian, a darn good singer and a loyal friend. Maggie Peterson Mancuso—When Maggie heard the news about Andy, she gathered her thoughts and wrote this moving remembrance to share with us:.

The passing of Andy leaves me very saddened. The stable presence I always counted on somehow to be there is gone. Andy and I were special friends for over 40 years. We had a bond that goes way back.

American Legends : The Life of Andy Griffith -

His great charisma radiated generosity and love, both as an actor and personally. The world is lonelier and colder today without Mr. Thank God for the wonderful episodes we can still watch. Oh Andy, I miss you so.

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We enjoyed all the time we spent together. We were at Desilu one time and standing outside during a break. He was a really low-key person. One day I went next door and I found this hat that I thought matched the coat I was wearing in the movie. He represented American family values and has given comfort and hope in these uncertain times. He gave The Dillards The Darlings an opportunity to be part of this.

Andy was kind, generous and patient with an inexperienced group of pickers from the Ozark Mountains. We used Safari to be able to read it with ease. Be sure to check it out. Andy Griffith was one of those. Long after my role on his show, we remained in touch. Rest in peace, dearest Andy. It was a beautiful show. I knew when I read the script that this was an exceptionally well-written show. The director [Charles Irving] was a man I had known when I worked in New York, and I was very grateful he called because it was a lovely show.

The sweetest thing was when it came time to do the love scene. Here was Andy, who had been this big thing in stand-up and movies and on Broadway and now was with his own show, and he was very shy. With all of his intelligence and wit and everything about the man, there was part of him that was a country boy nonetheless.

And that shyness about the kiss was part of that. And it touched me. He was just a marvelous person. Mayberry Ladies, Man—Barbara Perry is at far right. Things this charming did not occur between takes on other shows.

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Andy and Don did a scene on a front porch set that was so delicately and subtly played. They were very big at the time. That was such high-caliber acting, and in a second, it burst into such brilliant comedy. It was astonishing. They were masters of their Art. He looms large for anyone who knew him or worked with him.

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As I watched, two words came to mind—warmth and trusting. I was so impressed how the filming was choreographed, given that we were working in a tiny old soundstage and there was little room to navigate. The crew and the actors all had great trust in each other that all would be well. Take those two words—warmth and trusting—when you think of Andy Griffith. They fit perfectly. They were having trouble finding somebody. I finally went in for a reading and it went really well. Andy and I got along great. I got the part of Sam Jones. We were very close. I lived right around the corner from him. We socialized. When they finished hunting, we would ride trail bikes all over the trails they had there.

And we had a great time together.

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I wrote off that first interview — thinking he was just having a bad day. The second time, however, he was no different. Later, I heard from many who had dealt with Andy have the same experience. Tom that introduced the Elvis letters and the white costume Bob had in his home in Beverly Hills. Which brings us to the wonderful character actor Jason Wingreen. Jason had a long career on stage, on television and on film.

This role gave Jason the security to retire with his wife in the Valley. He was forever grateful to Carroll whom he adored. Jason made 11 appearances on Matlock as Judge Arthur Beaumont from Jason, who was a very caring, family man highly disliked Andy Griffith. He swore me to secrecy to this story until after he passed. He died on Christmas Day December 25 in He was 95 and had retired in Jason was happy with the money he was paid for the series and they flew him to Atlanta to shoot the show.

He said Andy was an absolute nightmare to work with. He said Andy was an utter bastard to most of the crew and the other actors. On the last episode he worked, he said Kene was late to the set and Andy was having a fit. I learned from Andy never to judge a person on the character they portrayed. This is not to disparage a wonderful career or to assail his talent.

However, as a person- Andy was vastly different from what he was known for. Andy had a reputation as sometimes being very mean spirited-especially when he was drunk. One time, a writer witnessed that Andy punched out a windshield as a result of drinking and anger. He had just finished work on The Steve Allen Show and needed the work. Andy agreed and told him to call the Executive Producer, Sheldon Leonard….

Our book will include interviews with co-stars of the show including Elinor Donahue , an important talk with the late Sheldon Leonard, co-stars on Matlock, several writers of his shows and many others. Don left the show after five years when he sought a bigger piece of the pie.

When Andy and his partner Dick Linke refused, Don left and got a lucrative contract to star in films at Universal. Andy, who was married with two children, was wild about Miss Crump. While Andy was a notorius womanizer , so was his buddy, Don Knotts. Andy did hide his affair with Aneta from his first wife Barbara.

Don, who was also married to his first wife Kathryn Metz. Andy and Don actually had double dated with their girlfriends, Aneta and Lynn, while still married. When Don confessed his affair to his his Kathryn- who was humiliated- they divorced in Andy later divorced Barbara in the early s.

Andy was bitter in several respects. My life has been affected by almost a total feeling of inadequacy …that has been with me my whole life.