College Without High School: A Teenagers Guide to Skipping High School and Going to College

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Four options for the high school dropout to get an advanced degree.

Save Big. Saving Money Starts Here! The following September, he was successfully back in university — this time in command of his academic life. The third signal of readiness involves mundane life tasks — maintaining a calendar, meeting deadlines, filling out forms. Parents supervise these matters throughout childhood and adolescence, but college students must manage them on their own. These minor tasks actually constitute a major developmental marker, because owning them signifies a readiness to begin feeling, thinking and behaving like an adult. Learning the nuances of administrative responsibility takes time, but is a reassuring sign that your child is up to the task of navigating day-to-day life at college — without your oversight.

If, however, your transitioner is reluctant to assume simple but unfamiliar tasks, it may be worth exploring what the problem is. Recently I met with a mother and her 12th grade son, and witnessed a loopy argument concerning his refusal to reschedule a medical appointment. I can recall thinking the same kind of thing when I was his age.

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How many of us understood the nuts and bolts of how the world actually works when we were 17 or 18? All he needed was a script for what to say. Ready or Not? Medical and Behavioral Health Everyone has something to manage, such as a medical diagnosis for example, diabetes or attention deficit disorder or a behavioral challenge such as problems related to diet, sleep or substance use.

It is common for public school districts to disqualify credits of homeschoolers transferring into public high school. Consistent with our mission to conserve our resources for helping parents who continue to homeschool, we are not able to extend our advocacy to situations where parents are enrolling their students in public school.

Please be aware that this limitation extends to public charter school programs. To this end, we advocate for homeschoolers when the legitimacy of their diploma is questioned, for instance, by colleges, employers or military recruiters. Transcripts also include personal information used for identification purposes and usually a grade point average GPA. Colleges and other post-high school institutions will likely request a transcript from your child in order to consider him for admission.

There are many good references that will direct you step by step in preparing a transcript for your child. In addition, some distance learning programs offer to provide transcripts for homeschooled students. For your convenience sample transcripts and an explanation of the GPA calculation are provided on our high school website.

For more detailed transcript information, read the back issue of the high school email newsletter from November This certifies that John Smith has completed the course of study prescribed for graduation by his parents, Joseph and Mary Smith or by Smith Home School. In testimony whereof, this diploma is conferred, and we have subscribed our names on the third day of the month of June, in the year The diploma can then be signed by the parents if desired or by one parent and perhaps the director of an oversight or umbrella group if the family was enrolled in one and if the group desires to sign.

In most states parents are under no duty to imitate the public school standards for graduation, and parents can decide what students must do to receive a diploma. A few states have high school graduation requirements in their homeschool laws. Note: In North Dakota, the law says that the school district, an approved nonpublic school, or the North Dakota Division of Independent Study may issue a diploma to a student completing graduation requirements established by one of these entities or established by the state for all public and nonpublic schools, but these entities are not required to issue the diploma.

Most homeschooling parents in North Dakota issue their own diplomas.


HSLDA | Homeschooling Thru High School : Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a diploma that is recognized by the armed forces? The armed forces recognize a parent-issued diploma if the student received it for completing a program of education through high school at home. The military will require that the student provide a transcript demonstrating completion of high school to support the receipt of the high school diploma. Should I skip the diploma and have my student take the GED test instead? A GED is a substitute for a diploma; it is not a diploma. A person can obtain a GED without ever having spent a day of his life in school.

Many colleges and employers will treat a GED about the same as they would a diploma.

However, if a student has a GED, some colleges and employers may assume the student did not have what it takes to finish high school. If your student successfully completed a program of secondary education, he deserves a diploma to prove it. What schools i.

Medical and Behavioral Health

A quick online search on Google. How effective are they? You certainly can homeschool effectively without using a diploma service or a correspondence program. None of these programs existed when homeschooling began.

Price College Without High School: A Teenager s Guide to Skipping High School and Going to College

Their children have been accepted into colleges and universities based on homeschooling without any outside services or programs. However, these diploma services and academic programs have made recordkeeping easier and have given those contemplating homeschooling through high school much more confidence.

Should I also prepare a transcript? You should prepare a formal statement listing each course your child took in grades 9 through 12, the amount of credit earned as decided by the parent , and the letter grade or other evaluation earned as decided by the parent. If a student may be headed for college, the transcript should be in a format designed to be quickly and easily understood by busy college admissions officials.

Colleges vary in how many credits they want entering students to have in various subject areas. And in some states, such as Indiana, certain admissions requirements are set by state statute. Some employers also require high school transcripts along with the high school diploma. For further information, see the transcript question and answer above.

After High School College Admissions How difficult is it for a homeschooler to gain admission to college? Many colleges are now familiar with homeschooling in general, and most of them have already admitted homeschooled students. Record keeping is important during the high school years, so that you can provide admissions officers with an accurate account of the courses that your child has completed in high school. Many helpful resources regarding college admission are available, as are college prep materials. The Association does not necessarily warrant this information.

The reader must evaluate this information in light of the unique circumstances of any particular situation and must determine independently the applicability of this information thereto. Our list of resources is not intended to be an exhaustive inventory of all available materials, but rather a sample listing of resources commonly used by our members.

HSLDA retains the exclusive right to determine which resources we will list. We will periodically update our list based on member feedback. In general, resources listed must be of value to a substantial number of homeschoolers and cannot be overtly anti-Christian or anti-HSLDA. All Rights Reserved.