Computers, Chess and Long-Range Planning

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A good guideline is to allocate half the amount of RAM you have, or one third if you play engine-engine matches.

Computers, chess and long-range planning - Mikhail Moiseevich Botvinnik - Google книги

Deep Sjeng itself has no problems to play 1 minute games with 2Gb of hash. No opening book is included for now. In general Deep Sjeng plays all openings well and works fine with the free books you can find on the internet.

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However we will probably make a book available later on which emphasises the active style of the engine. Please check back the website regularly.

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During testing of Deep Sjeng 3. Particularly on a loaded machine or on a laptop they might even make chessprograms play worse!

The result is that the engine is now much stronger in the late middlegame where EGTB cannot help much , at the expense of very seldomly allowing a won game to be drawn or a drawn game to be lost in the deep endings. In Deep Sjeng WC tablebase support was re-added for customers that require it for deep endgame analysis.

Why should I buy a bare engine without a GUI?

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All chessprograms are so strong nowadays that even free programs are good enough to beat all chessplayers. However, for analyzing games it is essential to have strong engines available with different playing styles. Hence, there are several books being received by PDF format.

Computers, Chess and Long-Range Planning

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