Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods (2 Volume Set)

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A Catalog of Biases in Questionnaires

To reflect this, the encyclopedia deals specifically with methods of communication research. The first of its kind in ambition and scope, The International Encyclopedia of Communication Research Methods offers:.

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Students and scholars need sound and comprehensive resources that map the field, explain key terms, and point to current debates and challenges. This encyclopedia meets those needs, and will serve as an important text for communication students as well as scholars independent of their topical focus and methodological expertise.

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Selected type: Hardcover. Added to Your Shopping Cart. This is a dummy description. Some of the many areas of relationship science covered include types of relationships, theories and methods for studying relationships, and communication processes.

see The encyclopedia also discusses "issues of inequality that often intersect with the primary focus on race and ethnicity," such as age and gender. It also discusses social theories and their applications to these problems.

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