Essentials of game theory

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Agents talking to each other and doing tasks together is very important for the future of AI. This book talks about how multi-agent systems can work. The book talks about how multiagent systems combine multiple autonomous entities, each having diverging interests or different information. The book also gives a very impressive overview of the fields from a computer science perspective and goes on about ideas from game theory, economics, operations research, logic , philosophy and linguistics. You can not get a better book to introduce yourself to game theory because this book is seen as the book that introduced game theory to the world.

This book is a classic work upon which modern-day game theory is based and rightly is the most influential book.

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Not only would this revolutionise economics, but the entirely new field of scientific inquiry it yielded — game theory — has since been widely used to analyse a host of real-world phenomena from arms races to optimal policy choices of presidential candidates, from vaccination policy to major league baseball salary negotiations. As a thorough data geek, most of Abhijeet's day is spent in building and writing about intelligent systems. He also has deep interests in philosophy, economics and literature.

It covers the main classes of games, their representations, and the main concepts used to analyze them. Start with Why. Simon Sinek. Complex Adaptive Systems. John H. Social and Economic Networks. Matthew O.

Rational Decisions. Ken Binmore. Game Theory for Applied Economists.

CS4 Algorithmic Game Theory and Applications

Robert S. Microeconomic Foundations I. David M. Behavioral Game Theory. Colin F. Game Theory. General Equilibrium Theory of Value.

What is game theory and what are some of its applications?

Yves Balasko. Structural Macroeconometrics. Chetan Dave. Games and Decisions.

Game Theory 101 MOOC (#8): The Mixed Strategy Algorithm

Howard Raiffa. Introduction to Mathematical Sociology. Phillip Bonacich. Rational Choice. Itzhak Gilboa. Networks, Crowds, and Markets. David Easley. Michael Maschler.

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Roger B. Introduction to the Theory of Games. The Leverage Space Trading Model. Ralph Vince. Sanjeev Goyal. Multiagent Systems. Yoav Shoham. Applied Probability Models with Optimization Applications.

Essential Game Theory Books For Any Data Scientist

Sheldon M. Lecture Notes in Microeconomic Theory. Ariel Rubinstein. Two-Person Game Theory. Anatol Rapoport. The Bounds of Reason. Herbert Gintis. Inside Man. Mihnea Moldoveanu.

Agent-based Models. Domenico Delli Gatti. Games, Theory and Applications. Introduction to Modern Economic Growth. Game theory and consensus mechanisms have successfully created incentives to coordinate people to make decisions that are in the best outcomes for the network. This is just the beginning! Michael Karnjanaprakorn mikekarnj. Tweet This.

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Week 2: Mixed-Strategy Nash Equilibrium

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