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Wolf supplies helpful, concise, and valuable information for the Bible student at any level, discussing significant questions and issues and providing section-by-section commentary on the texts of the two prophecies.

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Toggle Dropdown Advanced Search. Wolf Paperback, Status Available. Call number Series Everyman's Bible Commentary. Tags Haggai , Malachi , commentary , minor prophets.

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No risk to join. This title works with the following Wordsearch products. Paul wrote his first letter to the Thessalonians to comfort and encourage them. He urged these new believers to watch for their Lord's return and so live a life of committed holiness. Hiebert has significantly revised his original commentary on the Thessalonian epistles to reflect new advances in textual criticism and doctrinal insights in the past twenty years. He assumes Paul's concern for his own readers and makes his commentary practical for today's believers.

Hiebert maintains a tone of commentary with a pastoral insight for making Paul's love and concern for the church come alive.

Titus & Philemon (Everyman's Bible Commentary Series) by D E Hiebert | Koorong

This epistle contains some of the most specific and important formation about the last days and how the church can be ready. Hiebert's wide application of the original Greek and his confident use of other commentaries and studies make this book a handy tool for pastors and other church leaders. Yet his work is not so exhaustive that the layman cannot benefit greatly. The brief book is easy to read, yet it is packed with salty advice, pithy admonitions, and broad vistas of sublime doctrine.

It is the distillation of a simple fisherman's lifetime of faith.

Biblical Commentary

In First Peter , Hiebert gives the modern reader a solid study of the most colorful disciple's thoughts. He traces the ways in which Jesus transformed Peter's life to make him a pillar of the early church. Peter learned many hard lessons and developed undaunted courage to meet an unbelieving and persecuting world. In expositional detail, Hiebert will lead you step by step through this rich portion of practical teaching.

The life of faith grows only in proper relationship with God, the church, and a needy but hostile world. A new commentary that gives a fresh breath of air to the English reader. As good as Bock is on Acts, he stands slightly out of reach for the reader without Greek.


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Revised and Expanded Edition W.

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