Gene-Environment Interactions: Fundamentals of Ecogenetics

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Many of his studies have looked at substances that act as human liver carcinogens. He was the first to demonstrate that resistance of laboratory mice to the potent human hepatocarcinogen, aflatoxin B1 AFB , was due exclusively to the constitutive expression of a form of glutathione S-transferase in the mouse liver.

With these kinetic differences in biotransformation, Dr. Eaton and his team demonstrated that—at relatively low concentrations of AFB encountered in the human diet—human hepatic CYP1A2 is likely responsible for the vast majority of epoxide formation in vivo. Eaton has published peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, and full-length proceedings, and edited two books. Recognizing the importance of staying engaged in the field, particularly for the purpose of better disseminating scientific discoveries, Dr.

Eaton has served on numerous national advisory boards, panels, and committees and held leadership roles at various professional societies. He was elected to the IOM in A: This award came at a very important time in my career—just as I was starting a new career as an assistant professor, with only a short post-doctoral experience to build on.

Genetics and Public Health

The award provided me with the resources necessary to collect some preliminary data that subsequently led to my first NIH R01 grant. Without the NIH grant success, I likely would have had a difficult time getting the publications needed for promotion and tenure. So I view the PhRMA award as very important to my early career, which then set the stage for the rest of it.

Q: What is your advice for a young investigator planning to pursue an academic career? A: Stay focused and build on your strengths. Be persistent in your efforts to obtain NIH funding, and look for alternative sources of funding beyond NIH for your research. Finally, find some good collaborators who can help you take your research to the next level.

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There is strong interest in interdisciplinary research, and seasoned investigators in peripheral but related areas may help you find an innovative twist to your work that will help you land that grant! A: Although most people traditionally think of environmental and food contaminants, especially potential cancer-causing chemicals as a by-product of industrial activities, Mother Nature has crafted some remarkably toxic substances.

Receptors and ion channels. Gene-Environment Interactions:Fundamentals of Ecogenetics.

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Abstract: Wiley-Chapter Outline Exit. Toxic effects of pesticides. In: Klaassen CD, ed. Other: Routledge-Book Description Exit. Experimental approaches to evaluate mechanisms of developmental toxicity.


In: Hood RD, ed. Risk assesssment and the impact of ecogenetics. Understanding the significance of genetic variability in the human PON1 gene. Neurodegenerative diseases. R R R RC Identifying mechanisms of developmental toxicity: application of tools from molecular biology. Molecular Biology of the Toxic Response. A powerful statistical method identifies novel loci associated with diastolic blood pressure triggered by nonlinear gene-environment interaction Honglang Wang , Tao He , Cen Wu , Ping-Shou Zhong , Yuehua Cui.

A novel method for identifying nonlinear gene—environment interactions in case—control association studies Cen Wu , Yuehua Cui. Additive varying-coefficient model for nonlinear gene-environment interactions. Nikita Gandotra , Vandana Nimbargi.

Gene-Environment Interactions: Fundamentals of Ecogenetics

Generalized partial linear varying multi-index coefficient model for gene-environment interactions. References Publications referenced by this paper.

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