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The Handbook of Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Design: Chemistry, Components, Types and Terminology offers to the reader a clear and concise explanation of how Li-ion batteries are designed from the perspective of a manager, sales person, product manager or entry level engineer who is not already an expert in Li-ion battery design. It will offer a layman's explanation of the history of vehicle electrification, what the various terminology means, and how to do some simple calculations that can be used in determining basic battery sizing, capacity, voltage and energy. By the end of this book the reader has a solid understanding of all of the terminology around Li-ion batteries and is able to do some simple battery calculations.

The book is immensely useful to beginning and experienced engineer alike who are moving into the battery field.

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Li-ion batteries are one of the most unique systems in automobiles today in that they combine multiple engineering disciplines, yet most engineering programs focus on only a single engineering field. This book provides you with a reference to the history, terminology and design criteria needed to understand the Li-ion battery and to successfully lay out a new battery concept.

Green Energy Materials Handbook

Almost Everything about batteries is materials science. This statement, which looks slightly outrageous from the traditional electrochemists point of view and which looks very appropriate from many materials scientists point of view, seems to have various authors.

minkanews.com/core/coppertone/13987-dominos-cinna.php Besenhard, who prepared the first edition, seems to be among them. Definitely even before the advent of primary and secondary lithium batteries, knowledge of the preparation and behaviour of materials was helpful or even quintessential in improving the performance of the many electrochemical energy conversion and storage systems around us for many decades already.

As pointed out in a companion review of a similar book by R.

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Huggins, 1 mayor progress in almost all aspects of new systems as well as with already established systems still in need of improvement will most likely result from modified or entirely new materials prepared by a variety of methods much broader than we tend to envision today. Skip to main content.

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