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What additional elements to an IP system are needed to preserve the identity of non-GM crops?

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GMO testing is an added element. But, a third party IP system eliminates some of the testing. The Japanese will allow you to eliminate some testing if you can show you have an IP system.

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Is IP similar to organic certification? IP focuses almost entirely on crop purity. Organic certification is concerned about maintaining non-GMO purity. Do you see increasing demand for IP systems? Yes, just because of the increased need to segregate crops for specific end-uses.

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  • The GMO issue is just one reason to segregate. Many of the tortilla chip manufacturers are specifying corn hybrids that are used based on the characteristics they want. Is third-party verification of IP systems becoming more important? It gives customers assurance that the product is what they say it is.

    How is identity preservation related to traceability? Traceability is an important component of identity preservation. Any good IP system has a system of traceability as one of the components. What are the keys to a successful IP program?

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    Genetically pure seed is probably the most important. Crop isolation is important if the crop requires that. The key to this system is traceability. Each production, processing, and delivery step is documented, so that products can be traced from the store shelf back to the farmers' fields and every stage in between.

    The need for Identity Preservation IP is rapidly becoming of major importance in the world trade of agricultural crops that are enhanced genetically, grown under specific conditions, or have specific characteristics which must be identified and maintained from the seed planted to the delivery of the crop to the end-user.

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    • The handbook serves as an authoritative resource that unifies IP efforts, outlines the protocols for IP systems, and includes an operational manual that may be used at any point in the value-chain of the production and marketing effort. This handbook describes an overall identity-preserved IP system, which may be utilized in ways that will meet the particular needs of the parties involved in specific trade agreements.

      It discusses the background of IP systems originating in the seed industry, the basics of a total IP system, and the potential electronic transfer of data and documents. By using the system of identity-preserved verification provided in Identity-Preserved Systems, the seed, specialty crop, and grain and oilseed industries can easily provide products that are identified with a paper trail verifying identity, product quality, and special characteristics.

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