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Human Interleukin-12 receptor subunit beta-1 (IL12RB1/IL12R/IL12RB) ELISA kit

It lists the nodes as they appear top-down in the taxonomic tree, with the more general grouping listed first. Human Gene Nomenclature Database More HGNC i. MIM i. It denotes the presence of both alpha-helical transmembrane regions and the membrane spanning regions of beta-barrel transmembrane proteins. DisGeNET i. MalaCards human disease database More MalaCards i.

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Open Targets More OpenTargets i. Orphanet; a database dedicated to information on rare diseases and orphan drugs More Orphanet i.

IL12RB2 - Function

PharmGKB i. BioMuta curated single-nucleotide variation and disease association database More BioMuta i. DMDM i. By similarity. N-linked GlcNAc MassIVE i. MaxQB i. PaxDb, a database of protein abundance averages across all three domains of life More PaxDb i. PeptideAtlas More PeptideAtlas i. PRIDE i. ProteomicsDB human proteome resource More ProteomicsDB i. PhosphoSitePlus i. Bgee i. ENSG Expressed in organ s , highest expression level in blood. ExpressionAtlas i. P baseline and differential. Genevisible search portal to normalized and curated expression data from Genevestigator More Genevisible i.

Human Protein Atlas More HPA i.

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  8. BioGrid i. ComplexPortal: manually curated resource of macromolecular complexes More ComplexPortal i.


    CORUM i. Database of interacting proteins More DIP i. Protein interaction database and analysis system More IntAct i. Ensembl GeneTree More GeneTree i. InParanoid i. OMA i. Database of Orthologous Groups More OrthoDB i. Database for complete collections of gene phylogenies More PhylomeDB i. TreeFam database of animal gene trees More TreeFam i. Conserved Domains Database More CDD i. Gene3D i. Integrated resource of protein families, domains and functional sites More InterPro i. Pfam protein domain database More Pfam i.

    New Biologic Therapies that Target the IL-12/23 Pathway

    SMART i. Superfamily database of structural and functional annotation More Corresponds to variant dbSNP:rs Ensembl. The changes in the amino acid sequence may be due to alternative splicing, alternative promoter usage, alternative initiation, or ribosomal frameshifting. Missing in isoform 3. CCDS i.

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    Protein sequence database of the Protein Information Resource More PIR i. RefSeq i. Ensembl eukaryotic genome annotation project More Ensembl i. GeneID i.

    Interleukin-12 receptor subunit beta-1

    KEGG i. UCSC genome browser More An extensive review and visualization of IL signaling can be found at the peer-reviewed pathway database Reactome: Interleukin family. IL is linked with autoimmunity. Administration of IL to people suffering from autoimmune diseases was shown to worsen the autoimmune phenomena. This is believed to be due to its key role in induction of Th1 immune responses. In contrast, IL gene knock-out in mice or a treatment of mice with IL specific antibodies ameliorated the disease. Results published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology from a study where mice that were bred to be allergic to peanuts, interleukin has been shown to not be present, suggesting that the molecule normally stops allergies to food developing.

    Further investigation is underway, to determine whether the results found in mice are as profound in humans. Interleukin 12 IL is produced by activated antigen-presenting cells dendritic cells , macrophages. Defective Th1 and Th17 immune responses leading to chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis result from a mutation further downstream in the IL signalling pathway. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Human Interleukin 12 Crystal structure of human IL Allergy Clin. BBC News. Cytokine Growth Factor Rev.

    New York: Oxford University Press. Cell signaling : cytokines. Interleukin receptor modulators.

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