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It is of utmost importance to us to ensure highest quality in our educational programs.

Managing International Schools and Programs Allowances

This is achieved through the implementation of rigorous standards and employing faculty and leadership with a long-standing experience and successful track record in international education. To spark a regular reflection how we can still advance and innovated the education at United Lisbon, we measure ourselves at highest external standards set by leading global educational institutions such as:.

International School of Luxembourg

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The operator of the school, International Schools Services ISS , works with more than international schools and thousands of educators each year, creating the largest global footprint in international education support. With its headquarters in Princeton, USA, ISS currently owns or operates nearly 20 international schools around the world and promotes innovation and best practices for global education through its core services that include founding and managing student-centered, future-oriented schools.

If your organization has firewall restrictions that prevent you from using the Hosted Documentation website, you can install the PeopleSoft Online Help locally. Home Skip to Content. PeopleSoft Documentation. PeopleSoft Hosted Online Help Access the most up-to-date online help without having to install and maintain it locally. Tech Updates Find regularly-posted announcements about new certifications, end-of-support or third-party retirement notices, and other platform-related information in Tech Updates. Teachers in this sample seemed to agree that their principles had a vision of what the school ought to be and that it was in the best interest of their students.

They also viewed their principals as being relatively effective in advancing the vision. The articulation of a clear vision has the potential to develop schools. Primarily, being able to distinguish between leadership and management is very important. Are leadership and management the same or is one more effective than the other? By distinguishing leadership and management, this study will then lead to the analysis of various leadership or management strategies.

Irrespective of how these terms are defined, school leaders experience difficulty in deciding the balance between higher order tasks designed to improve staff, students and school performance [leadership], routine maintenance of present operations [management] and lower order duties [administration]. Cuban provides a clear distinction between leadership and management.

International School Services

Leaders are those who shape goals, motivations and actions of others, initialising change to reach existing and new goals. Managing is maintaining efficiently and effectively current organisational arrangements, while managing well often exhibits leadership skills. This being said, leadership and management need to be given equal prominence if schools and colleges are to operate effectively and achieve their objectives. While a clear vision may be essential to establish the nature and direction of change, it is equally important to ensure that innovations are implemented efficiently and that the schools functions are carried out effectively.

Such a theory would appear to be irrelevant with an appropriate strategic approach to educational leadership. It is of equal important to identify the differences between educational leadership and that of a regular business. Of course, there are some similarities, however, in education there is one vital output, that being the children.

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Educational leadership has to be centrally concerned with the purpose or aims of education, including different outputs such as the community, parent satisfaction, a wealthy competition pool and obviously educational outcomes. These goals, as described by Bush , provide the crucial sense of direction to underpin school management, particularly their vision and setting the vision for all to follow. A successful leader possesses excellent man management skills, regardless of being in an education institute or elsewhere.

However there are other necessities to be a successful leader in an education institute:. The overriding purpose of schools and colleges is to promote effective teaching and learning. Does an effective leader have the qualities to go the extra mile and ensure child safety or well-being of staff, or simply take care of the management and administration, leaving the rest to teachers.

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Leadership qualities need to be specific to an educational institute or issues rather than the generic tasks of managing staff, finance and marketing. Bush, M A Mark Atkinson Author.

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