My Heart is Resting, O My God

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I have been working at Harvest House for 13 years in August. My favorite thing about working at HH is the sense of family here.

There are times of joy, times of sorrow, as well as, times of chaos, which are all things we as individuals deal with in our own immediate families. The people I work with here are one of the other things I enjoy about HH.

Resting in the Lord | Prayers That Avail Much

This company is full of compassionate, caring, and understanding individuals which today is sometimes hard to come by in the working world. Harvest House is an enjoyable place to be each day.

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  • 101-My heart is resting O my God.

People might be surprised to know that I have known my husband since grade school. We attended the same grade school, he then moved around with his family while his father worked, and came back to attend part of middle school and all of high school here in Eugene. We began our relationship in and we have now been married 10 years this August and have 3 wonderful children. SiteMap Credits.

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Does memorizing Scripture seem like a daunting task? To achieve anything we first must determine in our own heart that it is worth doing. Ask a friend to help hold you accountable and allow you to recite your memory work to her.

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Systematically review your memory work on a regular basis. Find strategies that work for you. Others use singing or writing or hand motions. Proclaiming: Jesus' Resurrection. Proclaiming: Jesus' Ascension.

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Proclaiming: Jesus' Presence in Spirit. Proclaiming: Christ's Second Coming. Let creation " " Here from all nations " " Jesus came - the heavens adoring ". Proclaiming: Activity of the Spirit.

Oh God, My God

Proclaiming: Church. Proclaiming: Word of God. Proclaiming: Kingdom. Affirming Faith. Praying: General Prayers.

Praying: For the church. Praying: For the world. Witnessing: Service.

Light Day 31: Psalm 18:28-33

Lord's Supper: Footwashing. Lord's Supper: Love Feast. Lord's Supper: Communion.

My Heart Is Resting, Oh My God

Faith Journey: Nurture.