Raising Boys Achievements in Secondary Schools

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Strategies to raise achievement (secondary)

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Very good training which provides opportunity for reflection in practice. Lisa Turner. But we do still see successes in schools with boys. We need to widen the debate beyond issues of underachievement. We need to also concern ourselves with trying to develop in our young men what I care to call a more caring masculinity.

Do Boys Underachieve?

I have seen countless numbers of boys turn themselves around, both in terms of attitude and performance, and countless schools where strategies are having a tremendous impact. Boys can and do succeed, and we need to share and consolidate the good practice that already exists. Primary schools face a challenge in motivating boys to do well.

Photograph: Martin Argles Boys' underachievement is an issue that's not going away, says Gary Wilson. Topics Schools Mortarboard blog. Reuse this content. No easy answers butexcellent ideas backed by evidence from authoritative, thoroughresearchers with a firm basis in schools. It is based on quality researchwhich actually evaluates the impact of the various strategies suggestedfor raising boys' achievement.

What is more, in contrast to many of themore 'quick-fix' works in this field, the authors' discussion and analysisis measured and nuanced, and supported by an in-depth understandingof the wealth of theory and research around gender and achievement. It provides a welcome and weighty contribution to an evercontroversial debate.

Molly Warrington (Author of Raising Boys' Achievement in Secondary Schools)

The approaches are discussed within the context of inclusivity, acknowledging the diverse needs and interests of different boys and the invisibility and continuing disadvantage of some girls. The book begins and ends with reflections from students of their own school experiences, and makes practical recommendations for the future. It brings together theoretical and practical issues, and reflects upon the construction of the debate about boys' apparent under-achievement from the perspectives of girls as well as boys. The authors critically explore notions of under-achievement and 'value added', and consider how useful the concept of the 'gender gap' is in advancing the debates.

Raising Boys' Achievement in Secondary Schools is key reading for undergraduate and postgraduate Education students, PGCE students, headteachers, senior managers within schools and local education authorities, and policy makers. Excerpt I was really rescued by my mentor; he's from our community, and he showed me what was possible … I got awards for my poetry, I proved everybody wrong, I shocked everybody … but it was down to my Head of Year [in Year 9] and my mentor … it gave me a real boost, and showed the teachers that my labels were wrong … it made some of the teachers stop and think.

Rajinder He's alright.

here Mark I can't be silent, I need to talk! Yasha There's too much judging here … some teachers hear about us before they even teach us, and then they assume we're like they hear … but sometimes it's being spread around by one or two staff who really don't get on with us … teachers should give us more chance.

Gary Wilson - Raising Boys Achievement