Resource-constrained Project Scheduling

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Exact methods and heuristics are surveyed. Computational experiments, aiming at providing an empirical insight on the difficulty of the problem, are provided. The second part of the book focuses on several other variants of the RCPSP and on their solution methods.

Each variant takes account of real-life characteristics which are not considered in the standard version, such as possible interruptions of activities, production and consumption of resources, cost-based approaches and uncertainty considerations. Applications are presented in various domains such as assembly shop and rolling ingots production scheduling, project management in information technology companies and instruction scheduling for VLIW processor architectures. Free Access.

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Integration of routing into a resource-constrained project scheduling problem

A survey of variants and extensions of the resource-constrained project scheduling problem. The resource-constrained project scheduling problem RCPSP consists of activities that must be scheduled subject to precedence and resource constraints such that the makespan is minimized.

It has become a well-known standard problem in the context of project scheduling which has attracted numerous researchers who developed both exact and heuristic scheduling procedures. However, it is a rather basic model with assumptions that are too restrictive for many practical applications. This paper gives an overview over these extensions.