Somewhere Over the Sea: A Fathers Letter to His Autistic Son

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Do you have any idea what next Saturday is? I sighed, but kept my composure. Take a look at those young kids going from door to door down the street. It used to be standard to make friends with the folks who lived around you. I cut him off. In fact, they made time. Look at those teenagers heading down to the soda fountain or dance hall to hang out with their buddies. There was a choice between her and God and I ended up choosing her.

I cannot leave. How can I live … I cannot live … I will not live … in a world without … you. God chose him to rebuild the earth. I know all of them. Available at the door one hour before curtain, and online at kisstheatre. Show times are p. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and 3 p. Sundays through Oct. By necessity each of the three actors plays many parts. It was about as good as it gets. When: Sept. With this victory, the movie about a Nazi Youth member Roman Griffin Davis who has Adolf Hitler Waititi as an imaginary friend is now an awards season frontrunner.

The Tribeca job is enough to say that I have previously worked for Donald Trump, who sponsored the volunteer crews, and Robert De Niro, who created the festival. But the festival that had the biggest impact on me was my trip to Toronto. It was about reaching a goal I set for myself 11 months before I took the six-hour trek to Canada.

London Marathon: My autistic son can finally say ‘Daddy’ aged four |

In October , I had a health scare. For some reason, I became very exhausted and confused. I had another mishap prior to that, but I ignored it. When I returned to Wilkes-Barre, I saw my doctor and learned that I had a health condition and that I need to eat better, exercise and lose weight. I was just a few pounds away from being obese, and my health would improve if I dropped a few pounds. I was advised to drop about 20, but I made my goal to be 50 pounds. Instead of following a diet plan or falling for the latest fitness craze, I lost the wait on my own and along a slow, adaptable pace.

I also counted calories and eliminated only a few things from my diet, like giving up French fries and regular sodas. To keep track of my work, I weighed myself once a week and set up rewards for every five pounds lost. But the big reward was to spend four days at TIFF. The trip and the weight loss felt like pipe dreams. How in the world would I be able to drop 50 pounds, get healthy and go to Canada? I had never been on a health kick or left the country. On the day I received my diagnosis, I just bought three bags of Halloween candy I had no intention of giving away to costumed kids.

I researched the best ways to navigate through the large festival. More than films are screened over less than two weeks, with Hollywood productions mixing with Canadian documentaries and independent horror movies. They had numerous tips for anyone wishing to go to the festival, from deciphering ticket packages to what hot movies were playing.

By July, I was two months away from going and achieving my goal. I set up my hotel reservations, got my passport and read about all things Toronto.

Two weeks before my trip, I went on the scale again and smiled. I had lost 54 pounds — four pounds more than my goal. I felt healthier, happier and confident. It all became real when I crossed the border on Sept. I made it, but I had to get to Toronto quickly because I had booked nine movies to watch in four days, with the first one starting 30 minutes after I arrived. TIFF was amazing. Right now, I started another goal to lose weight, find exercises that I can do now and get back to healthy eating.

Who knows, maybe my next goal will be to another high-profile festival. Tamara Dunn is the night news editor at the Times Leader.

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Inaugural cooking class already under way … September 17, While Adam Ruderman, of West Pittston, chopped some fresh ginger root on a recent Friday morning, Paula Chaiken of Shavertown peeled garlic cloves and Doug Evans, of Mountain Top, whisked black pepper into a beaten egg. The center is so new its Grand Opening is set for 2 to 5 p. Sunday, and the public is welcome. The kitchen was big enough to comfortably fit nine participants plus their teacher and her helper, and give everyone a chance to chop and stir and fry.

The board members expect the series will be the first of many that will reflect various cooking traditions. The dish of the day was Indo-Chinese Chicken, an entree whose ingredients included chicken, cumin, turmeric, salt, black pepper, cauliflower, bell pepper, red onion, soy sauce and ginger-garlic paste. Soon Karin Hohn of Mountain Top was frying chicken in a pan while Alison Kovalchik and Ellen Greenberg, both of Shavertown took turns frying cauliflower florets that would play a large role in the vegetarian version.

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Indian cuisine is a new venture for Kovalchik, who said that brisket is her specialty at home. While the fryers finished frying and Chaiken sliced scallions for garnish, Ruderman thought of a beverage.

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Hohn said she appreciated seeing how Syed enhanced the flavor of the food, first by adding a fresh paste of ginger root and garlic and later by using minced onions as a thickening agent. You can learn more about its various programs if you attend the Grand Opening from 2 to 5 p. The event includes interaction with Harlem Wizard basketball players, a chance to win a flat screen television and refreshments.

For more information, call or see friedmanjcc. With: Harlem Wizards baketball players, a chance to win a color TV, information about programs, refreshments. Traveling Italian water circus plans eight Wilkes-Barre shows September 16, Later, during the performance, their eyes might light up as they recognize the face painter is now an acrobat, portraying a fantasy character who must free herself from a net high overhead.

Letter telling family to 'euthanize' autistic boy: Father speaks out

Cirque Italia is scheduled to set up its 1,seat, blue-and-white tent this week in the parking lot of the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre Township, where performances are set for p. Then the water is raining down in a circular pattern with little droplets making pictures, and there are fountains.

Despite all this water, audience members can be assured they will not get wet, Fusco said. The water turns on and she awakens. She falls down from the net and catches herself. Fusco, who is from Wisconsin, likes to describe herself as having practiced for this job all her life.

In addition to 25 hours of shows a week, she practices 15 hours to stay in shape. Cirque Italia wants to be affordable for families, Fusco added, explaining you can bring in one child for free admission per paying adult. While the show has performers from Brazil, Argentina, Italy, Romania, Portugal and other countries around the world, its Italian connection is that owner Manuel Rebecchi is from Italy, and also from a circus family.

Cirque Italia tents are custom fabricated by Ferrari in Italy. When: p. They are available through or cirqueitalia. Casale: Summer disease still a concern September 16, My daughter Kate has had Rowan and now almost 2-year-old Eve taking swimming lessons since well before they could walk. Kate approached the teacher and asked what she meant when she called Eve a mermaid. Although summer officially ends on Sept. A recent outbreak of parasite-related disease in Garfield County, Colo.

Four confirmed cases of cryptosporidiosis, a diarrheal disease that results from ingestion of the cryptosporidium parasite, have been linked to a pool at Glenwood Hot Springs resort. The CDC issued a warning about cryptosporidiosis in late-June when public and private swimming areas were most highly populated. The parasite has a high tolerance to chlorine and can live in recreational bodies of water for up to seven days.

I Thought I Knew Everything About Autism—Until It Hit My Own Son

Cryptosporidia live in the gut of infected humans and animals. Infected hosts shed the parasites in their stool once they reach the symptomatic stage of the disease and can shed 10 million to million microscopic parasites in one bowel movement. Another person can become infected by swallowing only 10 parasites in contaminated water. The main symptom of cryptosporidiosis is watery diarrhea, but symptoms of stomach cramps or pain, dehydration, nausea, vomiting, fever and weight loss can also arise.

Rarely is the disease fatal, but it can be dangerous for young children, pregnant women and people with severely weakened immune systems. Indoor resort pools, indoor waterparks, rec center pools, hot springs and hot tubs can all be breeding grounds for this infectious disease. Finally, crypto is not dependent on water. It can be transmitted from person to person or animal to person. Outbreaks have been linked to contaminated food and drinking water, daycare centers or other childcare hubs and any place where children come in contact with animals.

Touching the mouth with contaminated hands is enough to ingest the parasite. As the festive fall season begins, farms, pettings zoos, hayrides and pumpkin patches can all be places where friendly animals are part of the attraction and seasonal fun. They can also be places where crypto can spread like wildfire if proper precautions are not taken.

Practicing good hygiene is the most important line of defense against crypto. Washing hands with soap and water frequently, but especially in situations where you may be exposed to public water sources or animals, can help keep you and loved ones healthy. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are not effective against the parasite. Children who are sick with diarrhea should be excluded from childcare facilities until diarrhea has subsided.

Toys and surfaces at childcare facilities should be sanitized to prevent germs from spreading easily. Anyone who has had diarrhea should wait two weeks after diarrhea has stopped before swimming or using a hot tub, because parasite shedding can continue after symptoms have subsided. People of all ages should try to avoid swallowing water in public pools, lakes, hot springs and other recreational water areas.

Young children should be taken to bathrooms or have their diapers checked every 60 minutes, and diapers should never be changed waterside.

Rare indeed but something to be aware of none the less. Alfred Casale, a cardiothoracic surgeon, is associate chief medical officer for Geisinger and chair of the Geisinger Heart Institute. Readers may write to him via ae timesleader. For a free heart risk assessment, visit geisinger. Strauss Lane on Thursday afternoon. Art educator Avigayle Adler, visiting from Jerusalem, offered the class some inspiration by playing a brief video that featured extremely intricate examples of the art form — deer and lions, people and temples, trailing grapevines, and birds with long, graceful feathers, all rendered in cut paper.

I saw an interview with Linda Woolverton, who is a wonderful writer. PO is really about acceptance, not only learning something about autism, but accepting your situation and embracing it and loving it. We need to learn how to fit into their world. I was so happy the first time he lied to me because it was a typical behavior.

But those are just physical traits.

Somewhere Over the Sea

I think that teaching him how to swim. He can swim like a dolphin. We used to swim all the time. I used to love swimming with him just … constantly. We would swim all the time. That was one of those things that we noticed calmed him down a lot was swimming.

"Frail boy" needed cane, says study, which also found oldest genetic proof of malaria.

And his laugh. He would have every book memorized. I was so scared. Also, not to blame yourself. I think a parent goes through immediate accountability. How did this happen? I know exactly what to do! No problem! I know how to deal and handle them no problem. So, that was really beneficial. I think, as you get older, there are more things that are expected of you at a certain age, you know?

No matter what, children on the spectrum are constantly fighting to stay at a certain level as they grow and mature. I think speech therapy has really helped him a lot. I noticed big leaps in that and also diet has immensely helped him. I think California, in some situations, is a really tough area for kids with autism to be raised in. The more social he gets, the better. MHAF: Thank you so much for this interview. I just want him to be happy. For me, I want him to know how much I love him, and I think about him nonstop. Those are important goals to me. Family is an important goal to me.

I like him to know everybody in his family. I told him he can do whatever he wants to do. So, I want to be able to provide whatever he wants to do, which might require me making a giant studio movie.