The Cowards

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A Challenge To The Cowards Of Christendom – Alternative Tentacles Records

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More on the NIV. Viewing of. Nobody could believe I had done it. But in my mind I had stood up for my mates, and I loved the feeling of power it gave me. Soon, I was belting blokes who dared even insult one of my mates.

Within this same old, there is also something very young: the young Gazans and the young Israelis

And I only ever did it on the football field because really, I was a chicken and too scared to do something like that in real life. Fights on a football field are always going to be stopped. And I knew that. But this act made me feel powerful. I took this brand of intimidation into senior football. It shocked me once when I bumped into an old opponent. We had many great tussles. There is no doubt he was a better player than me but I used my size and strength, and my knowing that I was prepared to throw a punch, for intimidation purposes.

From my current perspective, that was a lot to feel and a very uncomfortable moment.

The Cowards

But see, this part of me still exists at some level today. If I see something terrible, some perpetrator or group of perpetrators doing something violent to a defenceless being, this part of my mind wakes up and the fantasy to bash rises like an unwanted tide. I feel the anger and hatred right there. Over the years I have worked on integrating these areas of my consciousness, but the work is not yet complete. So my question to you, the reader, is do you also have these bursts of rage when things happen in life?

What do you do with it?

Within this same old, there is also something very young: the young Gazans and the young Israelis

What are you planning to do with it? See I may not act on mine and may not have acted on it for over 30 years, but the fact it still exists means that I have a capacity for violence. That makes me little better than the young guy who carries out the assault. I feel that unless, as a collective society, we are all prepared to do the work on ourselves to become more enlightened and more peaceful, we are going to struggle to expect that our youth will comply After all, where do they learn that rage in the first place.

I feel that unless we, collectively, are prepared to turn our anger and violent reactions around and become more compassionate, our lives will be regularly interrupted by the sad news of another innocent person dying senselessly. Perhaps we can take this further and I do so at the risk of offending some.

How can we truly move away from these actions when, as a country, we are using the same actions on people we do not like overseas. We are still so quick, as a county, to agree to go to war and unleash holy terror on the bad guys. No more war. No more bombs. No more treating violence with violence.

See a Problem?

Then if things ever do get really bad between our country and another, we can challenge them to talks, a pie fight and a feast to celebrate new agreements. After all, easting has always been more pleasurable than fighting.

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