The Fat Blob Incident- part 1

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And yes, in , a similarly attired crew had chased us through this same drab arena. We eventually shook them from our tails by darting past the broken biscuit stalls of the market hall. Times had changed. Clothing and attitude and yet, still, an undertone of potential violence hung in the air. A violence that lay in the dark eyes of a disapproving public. I know. To this day I feel shards of embarrassment.


We were on a mission, in Ashton, that day. An iron beast; a gargantuan metallic creature that promised to help us carve a niche in the Manchester punk scene.

Trailer - The Blob (1958)

It was a printing machine. A vast and, to our eyes, iconic device, complete with complex skeletal arms, levers and dials. Of course, we were late to the fanzine scene, even in Manchester, which lagged several months behind the London visionaries. We had made connections though. Buzzcocks, Slaughter and the Dogs and The Drones. Most extreme, perhaps, would be the mile-and-a-half Sunday evening wander towards the Electric Circus in Collyhurst, to the north of the city. Today, a network of featureless housing estates and retail parks.

The glittery moveable feast of The Ranch Bar would often be seen straggling along this treacherous walk-way like strings of exotic tropical fish, garish in their electric blue Mohair jumpers and, yes, ripped green velvet jackets. Her glance suggested a powerful disapproval. Her distance immediately erotic. Untouchable, serene, gloriously disinterested in any kind of punky camaraderie, Within seconds she had fled the pub, a Transit van van ferrying her down Barlow Moor Road, to the M 56 and the comparative safety of a closted and insular London scene.

Nevertheless, he did occasionally provide practical assistance as we struggled to discover material for Ghast Up. We were riding the hinge moment of the short punk era. Talent and tension, unfolding, exploding in every British city. Dank, blackened, shadowy centre of London punk. Thankfully the tension settled as the music crumbled to an inglorious halt, singer MJ Drone pleading for the fighting to stop.

It did, but The Drones had failed to scale the heights of their recent Manchester gigs and, by the time XTC took the stage, there set had crumbled into memory. This was the darkness and silence of a city scene that has pushed beyond the thrill of the hype. In tune with the prevailing mood, Mick Hucknall felt suitably depressed in the wake of The Electric Circus. Not that Hucknall minded too much.

SE Steven and Justin's Story Part 2 - Page 7 - My lb Life - PRIMETIMER

Hucknall managed to catch a smattering of city centre gigs, most notably at Rafters, a rectangular cellar-bar and ex folk club, run by soul-singing entrepreneur, Dougie James. However, Hucknall most famous outing as a plain and dowdy punk came via a beery trip to the Elizabethan Suite at Belle Vue. It had boomed in the early to mid twentieth century as a natural magnet for Manchester Bank Holiday trippers.

In his defence, it was a wholly innocent venture that, much to his latter-day embarrassment, would see him captured in frenzied mid-pogo by the intrusive cameras of Granada Television. The Belle Vue Clash gig was a punk showcase, organised specifically with the Granada film in mind. Four hundred already inside. We stood with the limpets.

Comparison of a personalized breast dosimetry method with standard dosimetry protocols

Unholy knot of new wave. Dubious substances and darkening shouts. Scuffle and a surge. Don't worry, though, these billion-strong slime conventions eat neither cattle nor hipster. But still, Harvard University evolutionary biologist Kevin Foster believes the amoebas raise "the possibility that cells might evolve to organize on much larger spatial scales. Remember, Earth's largest organism isn't a whale or an elephant -- it's a humongous subterranean fungus the size of 1, football fields. So it's a blob's world after all. Monster of the Week is a -- you guessed it -- weekly look at the denizens of our monster-haunted world.

In some of these, we'll look at the possible science behind a creature of myth, movie or legend. After all, the word "monstrosity" originates from the Latin monstrare , which meant to show or illustrate a point. The Blob" 7 September Robert Lamb spent his childhood reading books and staring into the woods — first in Newfoundland, Canada and then in rural Tennessee. The campers are disappearing one by one, and the counselors don't even care.

Billy wants to know the secrets about Camp Nightmoon, but can he find the answers before he disappears? Margaret and Casey Brewer are worried about their father.

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He's been acting strange. And he spends all his time in the basement. What is he doing in the basement? Margaret and Casey are about to find out. Brewer is doing experiments with plants. But Margaret and Casey become even more worried when they "meet" some of his experiments in the basement. Skipper Matthews finds out his favorite comic book villain, the Masked Mutant, is real after discovering his lair.

The Morris family get trapped in a theme park called "Horrorland" run by monsters called Horrors. Having caused trouble once too often, Brian O'Connor gets sent to an all-boys boarding school where the students are cloned and programmed into being well behaved so they can be sent home to their parents while the real students are locked away in a basement prison. Visiting his aunt and uncle in rural Wolf Creek, budding photographer, Alex Blackwell discovers a secret about the werewolves that live in the woods.

Becca Thompson and Benjy Connor, on a field trip in the woods, find out why their new science teacher loves snakes so much. Mark Rowe is given a shrunken head from his explorer aunt, only to discover that it has dark powers. Mark then must travel to the Pacific jungle island of Baladora in order to find her.

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Hannah Fairchild mistakes a boy named Danny Anderson for a ghost of a kid that died in a house fire until she learns from a dark figure, who resembles a shadow, that she's the ghost. Allison Rogers, a teen actress for the upcoming movie Cry of the Cat , gets scratched by a strange cat named Rip who she accidentally ran over with her bike and starts acting like a cat.

Billy and Sheena Deep are visiting their uncle Dr. Deep in the Caribbean, where they stumble upon a plan to turn normal fish into mutants. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  • 2 7²s Clash, part 1 of an epic diary of the punk years – by Mick Middles.

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Views Read Edit View history. However the mask begins to change her personality and meld with her body when she wears it. Upon realizing this, Carly-Beth tracks down the mask store salesman for a way to break the spell and remove the Haunted Mask. The Cuckoo Clock of Doom Goosebumps Michael Webster vandalizes his father's new cuckoo clock by twisting the bird's head backwards so his annoying, bratty, trouble-making younger sister Tara will get blamed for it.

However, the plan falls apart when Michael finds himself reliving his disastrous birthday party — and going backwards in time. The only way to stop it is to fix the bird's head. Lucy Dark discovers the monstrous dark side of the town librarian during closing time, but no one else believes her. And what's scarier is that this librarian's been invited to dinner! Welcome to Camp Nightmare Goosebumps 9. Billy finds out the secret about Camp Nightmoon when the counselors announce a manhunt on a female camper who escaped from the girl's side of the camp where the same scary things are happening.

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